Order Eye drop medicaments online in New Zealand

In today’s digital age, getting the relief your eyes need has never been easier in New Zealand. Recognizing the critical need for accessibility and convenience, a multitude of online pharmacies now offer a wide variety of eye drop medicaments tailored to treat various conditions such as dry eyes, allergies, and infections. With just a few clicks, New Zealanders can browse, select, and order the specific eye care solutions they require, all from the comfort of their home. The online platforms are user-friendly, providing detailed descriptions and usage instructions for each product. Plus, with secure payment options and prompt delivery services, getting timely eye care support is hassle-free. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before purchasing to ensure the chosen product is suitable for your condition.

Xalatan 0.005%

Xalatan is used to decrease high pressure in the eye in the patients who have open-angle glaucoma.


Bimatoprost 0.03%

Bimat eye drops are used by patients who have been diagnosed with intra ocular high pressure, a state which can lead to glaucoma. Left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. By reducing intra ocular pressure, the risk of blindness associated to this condition is drastically reduced.



Careprost eye drops is a drug commonly used to lower the intra ocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. High intra ocular pressure is caused by a build up of fluid in the eye, and can damage the optic nerve which can lead in time to blindness.



Lumigan eyedrops (0.03%) is an ophtalmic solution which helps in treating glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease which affects the eye and can in time lead to damage of the optical nerve and blindness. Lumigan eye drops are very efficient in lowering the intra ocular pressure, which is a direct consequence of glaucoma. Lumigan eye drops stabilize the natural flow of the liquid that is contained inside the eye, helping with its excretion, thus reducing the risk of blindness.